Corporate Wellness

There is a new air and attitude in the corporate world today. Companies are realizing that the job market has become quite competitive and so they are constantly striving to give their employees (or their future employees) incentives and perks to attract and keep quality people. Many companies are now revamping or starting up Wellness Programs to increase company morale and productivity while decreasing the turnover rate as employees are enticed to find greener pastures elsewhere.

Many leading companies have recognized this trend and have discovered the amazing benefits of a healthy and happy workforce. Statistics have shown that people who exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle are also less likely to be absent from work due to sickness or injury. With the advent of Wellness Programs and the incorporation of exercise and fitness related programs, companies have begun to realize a higher rate of productivity from their staff, increased company morale, decreased non-productive hours, better retention of their existing workforce, and higher leverage when actively seeking to attract new employees.

All of these factors equate to having that competitive edge necessary to being one of the top companies to work for in a given area. The bane that has emerged from all of this is that many companies do not have the staffing resources or the knowledge necessary to implement fitness and/or exercise related activities and programs as part of their Wellness Program. This has left the company with either a floundering program or with a reluctance to start a program altogether.

That’s where we come in. As an all-encompassing fitness service provider, Fitness Image Results can help you, as a company, structure and implement a Corporate Wellness Program that will surpass all others. Imagine an increase in morale. Imagine an increase in productivity and a decrease in “down time”! Imagine an increased sense of teamwork and camaraderie! These are the types of things that our services will bring to your company’s staff. Through our knowledge and expertise in fitness and health, we will help you bring a new level of commitment, dedication, and drive from your employees.

Example Program for a current client…

Corporate Boot Camp and Group Strength

The Boot Camp and Group Strength classes offer an entire program that challenges the body in every aspect.  Unlike other programs (anything you bought on TV) that challenge the body in one dimension this program covers all dimensions and all your fitness components.    The program developed by Jeff Strahan, Principal of Fitness Image Results, LLC, is all that you need in a workout routine if you were to come to all 4 classes.  Even better, it allows you to choose classes of different styles that you don’t do on your own to supplement with whatever your current workout routine is now.

 Corporate Boot Camp

The Corporate Boot Camp Program is a highly structured group exercise class that meets outside in front of the building twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 5:15 – 6:15 p.m.  Each class is different, and focuses on increasing your cardiovascular stamina, strength, and resistance training for a well-rounded, full body workout.  Participants at all levels are encouraged to join.  The following schedule highlights the boot camp classes and the workout dimensions covered:

  • Monday Boot Camp (Long Runs/Jogs/Walks)
    • Cardio Endurance
    • Agility
    • Flexibility
  • Wednesday Boot Camp (Sports Conditioning)
    • Cardiovascular VO2 Max (Anaerobic)
    • Speed/Agility/Quickness
    • Power
    • Plyometric

Group Strength Training

Group Strength Training meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:15 – 6:15 p.m. in the corporate gym.  This program is organized in a circuit training manner and focuses on resistance training.  Group Strength Training is a great way to get you into a regular, healthy exercise routine or to compliment your current program.  Group strength offers:

  • Tuesday and Thursday Group Strength (Strength Circuit)
    • Balance and Stabilization
    • Core
    • Plyometric
    • Strength: Endurance, Hypertrophy
    • Power
    • Flexibility

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