John Franklin

Education: B.S
Computer Information Science, 2016, ECPI University
US Army Active/Reserve 2006 – 2018
Level 1 Combatives Training

(SAQ) Speed Agility Quickness: Progressively improving fast twitch muscles, stability and balance through drills and resistance training. Creating exercise programs that reduce risk of sprains pulls and tears to ligaments and tendons.

Training Philosophy:
Consistency is key. Proper training and exercise should be progressive, attempting to training that your body is not ready for will lead to temporary and permanent injuries. Becoming fit takes time, every client progresses at a different pace remaining positive is key.

Personal Fitness Goals/Accomplishments:
High School Track & field State Champion, Semi Pro (Virginia Crusaders) Team Captain 2x team MVP and League Defensive player of the year, USA Youth Football Coach. My goal is to educate the world that exercise can be fun and beneficial. Programs and be tailored to fit individuals personal needs and lifestyle.

Sports enthusiast, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Life Coaching, Gamer, Group Think Sessions

Fitness Quote:
Learn your Body know Yourself!

Being physically and mentally fit is a very important part of living a long and successful life, remaining mentally healthy encourages people to remain physically healthy the two go hand in hand. I grew up play sports, I have played baseball, soccer at a very high level, track also at a high level. My passion is football I discovered my passion for the sport after my first couple years in the military, I started out playing flag football. I naturally demoted in the sports because of my aggressive and physical demeanor. I used sports as a type of therapy and therapy for and stressful situations in my life. As my life began to change and playing the sport was no longer an option, I turned my changed my focus to educating others on the importance of physical and mental exercise. The trouble with that is that people are very resistant to change. After a few years of working in the corporate environment I always found myself exercising on my breaks because I saw what a lack of physical activity affected co-workers around me. That was when I knew my true passion in life is to help others mentally and physically, now I am on the path to becoming a personal fitness trainer and life coach.