Tony Johnson

Tabata Boot Camp Certified
Track and Field Speed Coach
Co-owner in Real Estate Investment Company
AS, Elementary Education Grand Canyon University

I specialize in Speed, Agility, quickness, lateral movement, acceleration, and deceleration.

Training Philosophy:
“Fitness is beautiful. Not only does it give self-confidence, it brings unity. That unity turns into a family feeling. With that family feeling and support, my dreams and aspirations are possible. This is what fitness has done for me.”

Personal Fitness Goals/Accomplishments:
Stay Physically fit in order to keep up with the students that I teach for various sports. Such as boxing, football, basketball, and track. I played high school basketball, was an amateur boxer, and ran track in high school.
FCYBL Coach of the year for basketball (2016-2017) season.

“I can inspire you to make a change today!”